Greetings beloved,
Allow me to introduce myself and the work God has called me to here in Ukraine, former republic (and "Breadbasket") of Soviet Russia.
I was called to Ukraine back in 1992 after having graduated Pensacola Bible Institute in ‘91’. Upon leaving we, (me and another graduate, Brian Higgins), went with the intention of going on a survey trip for a couple of weeks and then return to do deputation. But God had other plans. We ended up staying in Ukraine. We "wasted" a round trip ticket by not returning. The first impressions of Ukraine were unbelievable; people everywhere, the curiosity of the locals literally drew them to us to receive tracts and the gospel. Many were saved. We got busy as two single men preaching literally everywhere; in schools, prisons, universities, out in the yards, in villages, and of course at Independent Square, where at one time they used to hold communist rallies.

It wasn't until four years had passed that we decided to go back to the States to present to the folks what the Lord had been doing within those four years. Our "furlough" was only for 3 months. You can hardly say that that was a furlough. You may ask, "How did you get support to stay for four years?" Well, the group that I first came with, had taken some videos of us, and upon returning back to America they did the "foot work" for us while we stayed on the field. To say the least THE LORD TOOK CARE OF US. We give Him all the praise, glory and honor.

At present (2013) while pastoring at Bible Baptist Church of Kiev, God has been supplying us with more men of like faith across Ukraine and Former Soviet Russia. While teaching Institute classes for training men, we also train national Ukrainians in soul-winning, street preaching, and traveling with a tent with the intentions of starting local independent Baptist churches. Thus far the Lord has allowed us to plant about 5 churches, although, after some time two of them didn't pan out. You may read more about what the Lord is doing at present with our church-planting ministry at Updates.

Please pray for us!!! We need wisdom and strength to accomplish all this. Of course, everything is in the Lord's hands and yet, where there is no vision the PEOPLE PERISH.


Within a year being in Ukraine, I met a faithful young lady by the name of Galia, whom I married in August of ‘93’. God has given us three girls, Naomi (18), Rachel (16), and Hannah (11).

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